White & Case Summer Program

2-month internship
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The White & Case Moscow office will run a Summer Program from 1 July to 30 August. The cornerstone of our graduate recruitment efforts, this program is designed to give Russian law students insight into what it's like to be a White & Case lawyer.

You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and you want to choose exactly the right firm to launch your career. Our Summer Program is tailored to make the most of your skills and ambition. We provide real work with real deadlines for real clients. You would have the opportunity to work in two practice areas of interest to you. We want you to get to know our people because they are the biggest indicator of what your full-time experience will be like. You will work hard, learn a lot through our training program and your work assignments, and also have plenty of opportunities to get to know our lawyers and your peers at social events.

The Summer Program is based on a mentorship principle. Each student will be allocated two mentors from two legal practices. This gives you a chance to work closely with lawyers who will:

  • Share their know-how and experience
  • Guide you in your daily work and life
  • Work together on assignments and provide regular feedback

Training program: The training program is intensive, and the requirements for trainees are high. Your training will be combined with work on specific individual projects and practical tasks set by mentors and lawyers at White & Case. At its core, this is what the program is all about—to immerse you in an environment as close as possible to that of our workplace and to give you a chance to see if we are the right match for each other.

The training program is based on a module principle. The first two weeks are devoted to a review of priority skills and the Firm’s software, including office applications and hardware. Summer trainees are introduced to the overall structure of the Firm, its history and traditions, professional standards, corporate culture and interoffice rules. After this comes practice group weeks, overviews, interactive seminars and intensive self-sustained work.

Social events: We have a variety of social events, which are key to the Summer Program because they allow you to get to know your fellow summer law students and our lawyers in a casual and relaxed environment. We believe that a truly well-developed person continually broadens not only their professional but also their personal horizons. It’s also a great opportunity for students to make friends and to have fun together.

We try to acquaint you with distinctive places that are truly unusual and meaningful in modern culture. It is symbolic that most of the museums and culture centers we visit are our pro bono clients. In this way, we acquaint our students with examples of our pro bono practice and help instill in them a culture of pro bono legal services. Back in 2014, we launched a Summer Theatre Laboratory in collaboration with cutting-edge stage directors and artists. Along with summer law students, the cast includes lawyers and business services personnel. The lab involves team-building, skills development and a lot of fun!

Eligibility for the Summer Program

  • Russian university full-time law students in senior and final years of studies (graduating in 2020 and 2021)
  • Passion for law
  • Enthusiastic and proactive
  • Strong knowledge of Russian civil law
  • Fluent spoken English
  • Excellent written English
  • Team players
  • Participation in Jessup, Willem Vis and/or other moot court competitions or any other extracurricular activities a plus
  • Top academic results
  • Able to work full time from 1 July to 30 August

Applying for Summer Program

Please submit in English:

  • Your resume
  • A cover letter stating the reasons why you would like to apply for the Summer Program and indicating two practice areas of your choice
  • A written essay on one of the below topics:
    • Who is your favorite influencer/ writer/ poet/ film or drama director and why? Or what is your favorite book/ film/ performance/ blog etc. and why?
    • Are there any differences between your generation and others? What would motivate your generation to go the extra mile, do whatever it takes to put an idea or project into life?

Application DeadlinePlease apply online by 31 March 

Compensation: We offer competitive salaries to our summer interns. More information on compensation will be provided during the interview process.

Interview process: Our interview process usually includes in-person interviews with HR team, lawyers and partners to enable us to get to know you and allow you to get a feel for our working environment. Interview questions represent a mix of general motivational and legal questions. You will also be given a legal research assignment in our office. The selection process takes approximately one month.

Download our recruitment brochure to learn more.


Telegram @SummerProgramHotline

Wahtsapp at +7 916 520 8818

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